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What’s next for the OTC Derivatives Market in 2024

The global OTC derivatives market continues to experience significant growth. Ongoing volatility is driving market participants to find effective strategies for mitigating risks and exposures, while a remarkable wave of innovation is transforming the sector.

In our first annual survey, we asked 350 OTC market participants for their views on what's next for the sector. As the market continues to advance, this survey shines new light on how the market can realise its full potential.

Our first annual review of the global OTC derivatives market


With the OTC derivatives space experiencing considerable growth, we look at the market forces shaping the sector and explore differing views on issues from market confidence to appetite for innovation.

Chapter 1

Technology & Innovation

New technologies are reshaping the market, with innovations such  as Al, machine learning, and greater API integration streamlining  processes. But how are key players viewing these changes, and  what is needed to truly seize the exciting growth opportunities?

Chapter 2

Market Functionality

As global OTC derivatives markets expand and evolve, are the necessary  foundations in place to level up the sector? How confident are participants in  the tools needed to advance? And do they have the data that is required to  support effective investment decision? We dive into the details.

Chapter 3

Risk & Opportunity

A significant growth in central counterparties has facilitated greater market  stability, but how are participants responding to liquidity challenges and lack  of quality data that the sector now faces? And, while there are more technical  solutions in place than ever before, do participants have the right approach to risk to drive the market forwards?

Released Jun 5

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Chapter 3

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