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Transforming Technology Infrastructure

Three technologies to prioritise

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The True Cost of Free Market Data

Access to scarce data is invaluable to investment decision making

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Liquidity Challenges and How to Navigate Them

Manage a persistent challenge for OTC derivative market participants.

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Here at Parameta Solutions, we provide independent insight and unique over-the-counter data and solutions for the global financial community, helping clients to manage risk, optimise capital and create possibilities.

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Why Parameta Solutions?

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Our solutions


We provide indicative and transaction data, with full history, for over-the-counter derivatives across all major asset classes.

Benchmarks & indices

We are the first inter-dealer broker to administer over-the-counter benchmarks and indices, creating a wealth of new possibilities for our clients.

Risk Solutions

We deliver additional insight and transparency for your risk and control processes, helping you manage this challenge with more certainty.

regulatory solutions

We are uniquely placed to offer datasets specifically tailored so clients can meet their regulatory obligations with confidence.

Energy & commodities

We provide indicative and transaction data, including over-the-counter broking of swaps, forwards, and physical, across a number of commodity and energy markets.

Tailored for your needs

Our wide range of industry-leading data and analytics helps with price discovery, alpha generation, risk management, research, back testing and identifying arbitrage opportunities.

Price formation

Our data provides clients with specific market views to help analyse opportunity and risk. All our data is available in the cloud, providing the quick access necessary to interrogate market changes, enabling you to rapidly adjust strategies and seize opportunities.

Market analysis

Deeper analysis and enhanced transparency means hedge funds can explore new investment opportunities and mitigate risk. Our reliable, robust and transparent data also helps fund managers to manage their liability-driven asset portfolios and support their clients with insights.

Asset management

Use our solutions to analyse the underlying market micro-structure, offering deeper insights into the risks within your portfolio. We provide indicative data, order and trade data and Evidential Pricing to help clients optimise capital, improve surveillance and achieve best practice in fair value accounting.

Risk management & valuation

Our bespoke data sets enable clients to quickly and effectively comply with regulatory obligations and get in front of potential associated risks. Our data is transparent and reliable with a published methodology, giving clients confidence to use it in their reporting.


Who we are

Leveraging the breadth and depth of our group brands; ICAP, PVM and Tullett Prebon, we provide unbiased over-the-counter market information and data, creating transparency and insights that help our clients spot opportunities and manage risk.

About us
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We enjoy a longstanding relationship with Parameta Solutions, utilising their scarce, unique and highly accurate content to help drive our internal valuation and modelling capabilities.

Boris Molls, Head of Markets, BT Pension Fund

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Boris Molls, Head of Markets, BT Pension Fund

See our Case Studies
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We are always looking for the right people to keep driving our dynamic business forward. We empower our teams to affect change. If you are a self-starter and want to find out more about the journey we are on, visit our careers page to explore our open roles.

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