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OTC Market Data

Illuminating Complex Markets

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Create unrivalled opportunities

Our indicative and transactional data comes with full history for all the markets we cover. Our depth of coverage supports clients with generating alpha, price discovery, risk management and valuation tasks so they can meet regulatory and compliance requirements. We bring transparency to opaque markets and create unrivalled possibilities for clients.
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A clear perspective of markets

Unique and scarce
Our portfolio of separate and competing brands; ICAP, PVM and Tullett Prebon delivers an unrivalled view of non-exchange traded securities. This data allows clients to track and analyse a wide range of securities, enabling the creation of a more diverse investment portfolio.
Comprehensive coverage is delivered seamlessly into clients' workflows via desktop, cloud, data feed, API solutions and from a range of partners. This flexibility of delivery empowers market participants with analytical tools and data to fuel algorithms and models, so they can identify trading opportunities and assess risk with ease.
Transparency is key to understanding market opportunity. We bring clarity to what are often seen as opaque and illiquid markets, bringing visibility to bid and ask prices, trade volumes and transaction details. This allows clients to make informed decisions regarding the valuation and trading of over-the-counter securities.
Our data and analysis is unbiased and credible. Our teams continuously collate and publish new market data from our trading brands to deliver accurate and timely information, with the right context. From rich historical data to real-time, multi-asset OTC market pricing, this independence makes us a trusted source for researchers, financial and non-financial professionals.
Stay ahead of the curve

Real-time Indicative Data

We offer indicative data across all assets we cover, which enhances market transparency and enables clients to gauge market sentiment and where value is heading. Risk managers, market makers and valuations teams can use such data to assess pricing levels and the value of over-the-counter instruments. Crucial in promoting efficient markets and fair trading conditions, this data helps capital markets participants to maximise their firm's capital in a dynamic and competitive marketplace.


Evidential Pricing

Our Evidential Pricing solution combines broker surfaces, committed quotes and transaction data for a representative price. This deeper, broader and more comprehensive view into the markets helps valuations teams with their risk and control processes by delivering comprehensive fair-value data. Currently available for interest rate derivatives, foreign exchange derivatives and bonds.


Historical Data

Our historical data provides a richer understanding of market behaviour and trends. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience across key markets, our data is a rich source for back-testing trading strategies and understanding risk-levels associated with specific investments.

Markets we cover

We connect clients to a wealth of over-the-counter market data and solutions that cover all major asset classes.

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Energy & Commodities
Equity derivatives
Fixed Income
Foreign Exchange Derivatives
Interest rate derivatives
money markets
Data Inventory

To explore our data and see samples, request access to our data inventory

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